February 26th, 2015


Good Morning – I wanted to share a few items with you. I purchased the Swing XP50 for my son a few weeks ago; we have already seen improvements in his hitting in just a few weeks. He plays for the Frederick Ranger’s (travel team from Frederick, MD). He has also been going to the Asst. Baseball Coach and Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD for hitting & pitching and last night he commented on his bat speed. He asked what has he been doing different. We showed him the XP50 and offered it to him anytime to try. He mentioned that he can see a difference and how the XP50 can improve on the hitting mechanics but has never heard of your products. I have also shared and provided your info to another baseball coach that was very interested in your products.

Overall – I’m very pleased with the XP50 and look forward to getting the girl’s fast pitch bat as soon as it comes available. It is hard to believe the questions your product has generated over the past few weeks.”