February 26th, 2015

Baseball Bob Training Academy

I own a baseball training business called, BASEBALL BOB, my partner and I started using the SWING XP bats last year with our hitting instructions. We use the bat with our one-on-one lessons and in our clinics and academies. We have found that the bat is an excellent tool for keeping the hitters hands close to their bodies. It helps to prevent casting/early extension when the hitter starts his initial swing of the bat because of the weighted handle. Our students who use the SWING XP bat during their hitting lessons love it because they can feel a more direct bat path to the baseball. We start them off with the SWING XP then have them continue their swings with their own bat.

My grandson, who plays travel baseball [11u] says when he uses the SWING XP bat in the on deck circle then uses his own bat when he is hitting in a baseball game it helps him drive the baseball farther because it gives him a quicker bat through the hitting zone and prevents casting/early extension and also gives him a direct path to the baseball. He uses it in all his hitting lessons.

I remember when I was playing youth baseball I used to swing two bats at the same time in the on deck circle to help make my bat feel lighter when I hit. Even though those practice swings with two bats did make my bat feel lighter it probably created casting / early extension in my swing. The SWING XP bat is used from youth baseball up to the Major leagues. It has been a very useful tool in our baseball business and I would highly recommend using the SWING XP bats.