• Tyler Gibbons
    Tyler Gibbons
    Age: 10
    Team: Hickory Hornets
    Hometown: Harford County MD

    I started training with my Swing XP bat last August to get ready for Fall baseball and have used it ever since.

    I like the way that it is heavy but not too heavy like a bat with a doughnut weight. My arms don’t get tired swinging it.

    I love doing tee work and taking BP with it, my bat speed has gotten better and I can hit fast pitching now! It makes my game bat feel lighter and has really boosted my confidence; I’m not worried anymore when I step in the batter’s box against a big pitcher that throws hard.

    I don’t swing any other bat until I warm up with XP first!

  • Jaden Elwell
    Jaden Elwell
    Age: 10
    Hometown: Mission Viejo, CA

    I asked my dad to video tape my at bats in slow motion. He told me that I was casting my barrel and rolling over on a lot of pitches. I started using the Swing XP bat for all my batting practice and warm ups. The weighted handle taught me to keep my hands in and not cast out. It took a few weeks, but now I am hitting with a lot more power.

  • Morgan Dvorak
    Morgan Dvorak
    Age: 15
    Hometown: Bel Air MD

    I am a 15 year-old and play on my high school’s varsity softball team as well as an 18U club team. I have an excellent hitting coach and together we have been working hard on fine tuning my hitting and increasing my bat speed. I have recently starting using the Swing XP, warming up and taking practice swings before my plate appearances. My bat speed has in fact increased, more of my hits are made to the center and left side of the field and recently, I HIT MY FIRST HOMERUN!! I credit my coach (thank you Coach Mac) and Swing XP for helping me take my hitting performance to the next level.

  • Evan Kanzler
    Evan Kessler
    Age: 13

    Evan absolutely loves this thing and has been showing his bball friends. His middleschool season is almost over, but I swear he has been hitting the ball 30-50% harder and further in his last few games since practicing with your bat. He literally has been doing tee work everyday since he got it. Its cool to see him take initiative for his own development, and the XP seems to have encouraged him to do that because he sees results. So, just wanted to let you know how it’s working out for us and a great investment.

  • Zach Gaeta
    Zach Gaeta
    Age: 10
    Team: TEAM SWING XP/White Marsh Warriors
    Hometown: Baltimore MD

    I am a huge baseball fan and have always loved everything about it! I play for TEAM SWING XP in the fall and my beloved White Marsh Warriors in the Spring. Between the two teams I have played in over 100 games in 2014. I use my XP all the time, at practice, games and in the garage when hitting off a tee. This past season I took that bat with me to the Disney, ESPN New Years Tourney and all my teammates wanted to use it! I am almost at the point where I can step up in size and weight for my XP and go to one of the adult weighted bat products.

  • Mike Kuebler
    Miek Kuebler
    Age: 38
    Team: Owner & Head Instructor-Colonial Baseball Instruction
    Hometown: Williamsburg Virginia

    I just wanted to to give you some feedback from my camps today. I had 38 kids today in 2 camp sessions at the WISC (where we had the expo). Age range 9-13 years old. During our hitting phase of both camps, my station used the #40 Swing XP. I had each camper hit 3 off the tee with the XP, 3 with their bat, then 3 front toss with the XP and finish with their own bat. You should have seen their eyes light up with empowerment seeing the immediate results with a 40 oz bat! Our focus today in camp was to get to the proper load position and stay inside the ball without letting the hands push away from the body. We had awesome results.  Wish I took video of some of these boys hitting with it for the website. Many of the kids asked if they could swing this bat in a real game.

    I then did a private lesson after the camp with an 8 year old. He is very fidgety and will move his feet all over the place when he hits. I used the 40oz Swing XP kind of on a whim thinking it was way too heavy for this little guy. For some reason, (must be the added weight) his feet settled down and he had a more balanced and athletic stance; and he finally hit line drives up the middle!

    I’m really impressed Chris. I can’t wait to use these the Swing XP with my high school teams once spring baseball starts in 2 weeks! Also looking forward to getting info out there on the social channels and blogging about it.

  • Bob Friedel
    Team: Baseball Bob Training Academy
    Hometown: Baltimore MD

    I own a baseball training business called, BASEBALL BOB, my partner and I started using the SWING XP bats last year with our hitting instructions. We use the bat with our one-on-one lessons and in our clinics and academies. We have found that the bat is an excellent tool for keeping the hitters hands close to their bodies. It helps to prevent casting/early extension when the hitter starts his initial swing of the bat because of the weighted handle. Our students who use the SWING XP bat during their hitting lessons love it because they can feel a more direct bat path to the baseball. We start them off with the SWING XP then have them continue their swings with their own bat.

    My grandson, who plays travel baseball [11u] says when he uses the SWING XP bat in the on deck circle then uses his own bat when he is hitting in a baseball game it helps him drive the baseball farther because it gives him a quicker bat through the hitting zone and prevents casting/early extension and also gives him a direct path to the baseball. He uses it in all his hitting lessons.

    I remember when I was playing youth baseball I used to swing two bats at the same time in the on deck circle to help make my bat feel lighter when I hit. Even though those practice swings with two bats did make my bat feel lighter it probably created casting / early extension in my swing. The SWING XP bat is used from youth baseball up to the Major leagues. It has been a very useful tool in our baseball business and I would highly recommend using the SWING XP bats.

  • Dave
    Hometown: Frederick MD

    Good Morning – I wanted to share a few items with you. I purchased the Swing XP50 for my son a few weeks ago; we have already seen improvements in his hitting in just a few weeks. He plays for the Frederick Ranger’s (travel team from Frederick, MD). He has also been going to the Asst. Baseball Coach and Mount St. Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, MD for hitting & pitching and last night he commented on his bat speed. He asked what has he been doing different. We showed him the XP50 and offered it to him anytime to try. He mentioned that he can see a difference and how the XP50 can improve on the hitting mechanics but has never heard of your products. I have also shared and provided your info to another baseball coach that was very interested in your products.

    Overall – I’m very pleased with the XP50 and look forward to getting the girl’s fast pitch bat as soon as it comes available. It is hard to believe the questions your product has generated over the past few weeks.”

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