Swing XP bats have been scientifically proven by testing conducted at the American Sports Medicine Instituteasmi_logo_tiny to produce better bat speed and swing mechanics than traditional weighted bat devices.

The Swing XP Power Series practice bats promote improved hitting mechanics and performance by helping batters keep their hands inside and down to maintain an ideal swing path to the ball.

The Results

  • “A significant difference did exist in regards to the knob distance traveled, such that the knob traveled farther with the control bat and the Swing XP bat than with the bat with the barrel weight.”
  • “Participants felt the Swing XP bat improved their hand and/or bat speed”
  • When compared with barrel weighted devices on a traditional bat, “participants felt that the top heavy weight distribution of the barrel weighted bat threw off their swing mechanics.”
  • “These bat trajectory and time to contact details suggest that an elite batter is capable of more closely replicating their conventional swing mechanics when swinging at simulated competition speeds with the Swing XP bat than a traditional barrel weighted bat.”
  • “Participants believed that the Swing XP bat allowed for a faster bat velocity and reduced swing length when compared to the bat with the barrel weight.”
  • “One difference between the two weighted bats was the ability for the participants to swing the Swing XP bat at a faster velocity than the bat with the barrel weight”
  • When asked whether they would train with a Swing XP bat, 68% of the players said yes.

Empirical Data

swing-path-dataSwing Path – This chart depicts the paths of the Control bat, the Swing XP bat, and the bat with the Hitting Jack-It for an example participant.  In this figure, the pitched ball traveled from right to left and the bat swung to the right.