Our Mission/Our Vision

The Swing XP concept is to improve a batter’s hitting skills by improving swing mechanics and eliminating the use of devices and practices that have been passed down in baseball for generations, but which science have proved to not do what they have been thought to do, and that actually are harmful to the baseball swing.


Our Technology

Swing XP bats feature a proprietary weighted handle that pulls the batter’s hands through the swing zone, allowing the batter to FEEL what it’s like to lead with their hands and knob and take the ideal path to the ball and not cast. Our weighted handle is like having a big engine in your hands that drives them through the swing zone. Repeated swings with the Swing XP bat will help you develop the muscle memory that will result in improved hitting mechanics, bat speed and performance when you swing your lighter game bat. With Swing XP bats you get immediate feedback if your swing gets too long and outside of the desired swing plane. The extra weight in the handle area will cause you to feel more stress in your forearms from an over-extended swing. This is valuable feedback that you do not get with your lighter game bat, or bats with weighted devices on the barrel, and lets you know you need to keep your hands inside and not cast.

how-it-works-softball-340x390Proper Alignment & Position at the Plate

Swing XP bats also feature a unique alignment tool called the Power Band, which allows batters to align themselves to the ball and plate so that they improve their chances of making solid contact with balls thrown on either side of the plate. The X in the Swing XP logo on the bat marks the exact sweet spot on each bat, and the 4 inch band on the barrel indicates where you should make ball contact most consistently. To properly position yourself to the plate or to the batting tee, stand adjacent to the plate or ball on the tee, hold the bat at the knob end with your lead hand (the one facing the pitcher), and drop your arm to your side so it hangs comfortably (elbows locked) while holding the bat at a 90 degree angle. Move your body toward or away from the plate until the Power Band is in the middle of the plate, or the X in the logo is in the middle of the ball on the tee. Now you have a good starting position from which you should hit.


Using Swing XP Bats

Swing XP bats are used with your game bat as part of your hit training regimen, and are to be used for ALL aspects of your hitting training – tee work, soft toss, live BP (coach or machine pitching) and on-deck circle warm-up swings. The only thing you can’t do with Swing XP bats is use them in a game because they are not certified for game use. After taking the desired number of swings with your Swing XP bat, you switch to your game bat and complete the same number of swings. You take 5 or 6 reps with each bat, and the muscle memory that develops from using the Swing XP bat carries over to your use of your lighter game bat, which you will swing faster, not just because it’s lighter, but because you will have learned how to keep your hands inside and take the bat on the shortest, quickest path to the ball. When using Swing XP bats, you will experience greater use of your hips, legs and “core” in executing a swing, and improved “quickness” of your stroke, all while maintaining an ideal swing. When swinging your lighter game bat after swinging the Swing XP bat, you will find that it feels like a whip in your hands and there will be a tendency to get ahead with your swing. Just focus on keeping your weight back and repeating the swing you have learned from using the Swing XP bat. When facing live pitching, due to your increased bat speed, you will now able to wait longer on the pitched ball, allowing you to see ball rotation and movement more clearly.