Read some of our reviews from first-hand experiences using the Swing XP

  • My job is to help my players avoid injuries and enhance their on-field performance by making them Bigger, Stronger and Faster. The Swing XP is the perfect training device for increasing swing speed and power at the point of contact.

    John Philbin
    Strength & Conditioning Coach - MLB / NFL / WBA / US Olympic Coach & internationally Recognized Speed Conditioning Consultant
  • The Swing XP System revolutionizes the training methods of hitting a baseball. Coaches at all levels are constantly trying to teach and develop a more direct path to the ball while simultaneously seeking to increase swing speed. Coaches now have the all-in-one tool they have been looking for.

    Rick Eckstein
    Professional Batting Coach
  • The Swing XP bat helps me find my swing faster than any other batting tool. I am absolutely positive it will help any player at any level improve their hitting mechanics.

    Tyler Moore
    Washington Nationals Outfielder
  • Some of our Minor League hitters were introduced to the Swing XP Power 60 bat to use with some of their hitting drills.  Not only did it make their game bat feel lighter and their swing quicker, it helped them feel a more direct path to the ball. The Swing XP bat has since become a regular part of my 12 year old son’s hitting routine, increasing his bat speed while developing a more consistent swing path to the ball.

    Alan Zinter
    Minor League Hitting Coordinator Cleveland Indians
  • This Spring I introduced the SWING XP 30/40 bat to my 9U baseball team. It helped several of my kids develop better swing mechanics in general. We used the bat consistently during tee work as well as live batting practice. Immediately following about 6-8 swings with the SWING XP bat they would pick up their “regular” bat and immediately start to see the difference in speed and a more consistent path to the ball. We also use the bat on the tee for all on-deck hitters. The SWING XP system has become a regular training tool for my team as well as other teams in our organization.

    Joe Gaeta
    White Marsh Travel Baseball Director
  • If a short to long swing is considered a quality swing, then the quickest most direct path to the ball is achieved with a downward approach. A tight hand path creates bat speed with the wrists. With that said it makes sense that training with a bat that puts the weight in the hands or knob would help to develop mechanical and motor skills to attain this direct short path. Therefore, I suggest hitters use Swing XP training bats.

    Jack Howell
    Former MLB Player | Minor League Field Coordinator, Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
  • “The Swing XP Power 60 has completely changed the pace of my career and I recommend it to all of my teammates. Some of them have started to use mine.”

    Luke Persico-OF Beloit Snappers (Oakland A’s Affiliate)
    Luke Persico Beloit Snappers (Oakland A's Affiliate)